The Winds were Calmed

The wind has been unpredictable and crazy here in the desert.  I like that it cools the temperature and it can create some special effects with wind blown have and show movement with different fabrics and materials.  But, wind with sand is another story.  Sand can ruin the camera lens by scratching the glass element or getting inside the lens.  I thank God for easing the wind on the day of this shoot.  It was slightly windy before and crazy windy afterwards.

Meet Natalie.  She’s a water polo star!  She’s is also an aspiring make-up artist with plans on attending Paul Mitchell School.  Natalie, I wish you the best in all your future endeavors!

SeniorPortraits_2016-100 SeniorPortraits_2016-101 SeniorPortraits_2016-108 SeniorPortraits_2016-107 SeniorPortraits_2016-105 SeniorPortraits_2016-104 SeniorPortraits_2016-103 SeniorPortraits_2016-102 SeniorPortraits_2016-106 SeniorPortraits_2016-109 SeniorPortraits_2016-110 SeniorPortraits_2016-111 SeniorPortraits_2016-112

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